Arnakot Deurali is located on a high, isolated plateau in western Nepal, four days’ walk from the nearest road. Our hardworking community has eked out a living from the abundant plateau soils for generations, but life in the community is incredibly hard. Each day is a fight for clean water, food for the family and medicines and care for the sick and elderly. With such things in short supply, the average Arnakot resident doesn’t live much beyond their 60s and education – a critically important factor in our community’s development – is often inaccessible or financially infeasible.

But this isn’t a bad news story by a long shot. Being an organised and dynamic bunch, we citizens of Arnakot have come together under the leadership of Prem Kunwar to drive forward our community’s development by:

  • defining our local needs and setting development goals
  • seeking options for international cooperation and national assistance to meet our goals
  • providing and procuring technical expertise, manual labour and resources
  • fundraising and undertaking robust financial management of our development funds
  • delivering our projects – from building work and scheme management to learning and sharing new skills.

Our forward-thinking community is striding ahead in building its own future. Our ideas are lo-tech, low cost, creative and deliver maximum impact. Our energy to improve our children’s futures is unbounded. In fact, the only thing now holding us back is a lack of funds. With your cooperation and support we hope to make our community’s simple dreams for life’s most basic needs a reality. Find out how we are getting on over on the village blog.

And, most importantly, get involved! Contact us to find out how you can work with us to ensure a healthy future for our active mountain community.

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